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Colorado Intellectual Property Lawyer

Skilled guidance for companies in the Denver area

The Rocky Mountain Thunder Law Firm helps your company protect and invest in its intellectual property. To succeed in today's competitive market, you need to effectively safeguard your ideas and product offerings. Colorado attorney David J. Stephenson, Jr. has more than 25 years of experience with intellectual property law, and guides you through important decisions that have a lasting impact on your business.

Advice for businesses from Denver firms to Boulder tech start-ups

Almost every business has intellectual property concerns. You may not be aware of the protections that are available and essential. Trademarks and copyrights are just the beginning. The Rocky Mountain Thunder Law Firm provides detailed advice on how to license your intellectual property and enhance its value. You can further strengthen your business with knowledge of topics such as:

  • Confidential market analysis
  • Trade secret agreements
  • Non-compete covenants

Position your business strategically with the in-depth counsel of The Rocky Mountain Thunder Law Firm.

Shake up the law and protect your investment

Denver lawyer David J. Stephenson, Jr. ensures that you take advantage of favorable changes in intellectual property law — and that you successfully reposition your branding when changes to the law are unfavorable. Mr. Stephenson also helps you view IP law from a new perspective, pursuing changes to benefit your business by lobbying for new legislation. He is prepared to shake up the law to protect your investment.

Get qualified legal support for your business licensing needs

David J. Stephenson, Jr. brings 25 years of trial litigation experience to the table when he advises you on securing your company's intellectual property rights. He is based in Golden, Colorado, and serves clients throughout the Denver area including the Boulder tech community. To schedule a consultation, contact The Rocky Mountain Thunder Law Firm.